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​​​​​Coach Q is originally from Atlanta, GA. He joined the Marine Corps out of high school where he first discovered his love for health and fitness. Some of the highlights of Q’s career in fitness include winning the Los Angeles, Palm Springs, California, and Excalibur Body Building Championships, and a 3rd place heavy weight finish in the Nationals. After graduating college in 2002 Coach Q founded his first fitness company In 2014 Coach Q founded The Playpen Military Style Obstacle Course at the Newport YMCA a dream that he was pleased to see come true. Coach Q continues to evolve his style of coaching to offer a variety of athletic avenues to fit the needs of each individual athlete.

Coach Q’s Fitness Philosophy

Q’s philosophy of “Everything Fitness” means you train for every possible fitness scenario in life. Whether it’s yoga, Crossfit, obstacle racing, boxing, or walking the dog! Q will test your performance by constantly changing your workouts to build a complete athlete. Coach Q believes that confidence is built through consistently setting new challenges and goals.


Dual service Veteran of United States Marine Corps & US Navy
Desert Storm Veteran
National level body builder
USMC power lifting team
Obstacle Course Racing Athlete
Founder of “The Playpen” Military Obstacle Course



Institute of Therapeutic Studies, Sports Massage Therapist, 1995
American College of Sports Medicine, Fitness Coach ,1997
APEX Fitness Inc, Fitness Professional, 1999
National Exercise and Sports  Trainers Association, PFT, 2010
American Sports and Fitness Association, Group Fitness Instructor, 2014
Spartan SGX Level 1, Coach, 2015
Spartan SGX Level 2,  2015

Mobility WOD Level 1 & 2, 2017

Art of Breath, 2017

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapist Level 4, 2017

Sports-Freq Instructor/Therapist, 2017

FMS (Functional Movement Screen), Level 2, 2017

CrossFit Level 1, 2018

FSM (Frequency Specific Micro Current) Therapist, 2018